D'Andrea Rising

Restoring D’Andrea to a Vibrant Golf Community and

creating a Premiere Regional Performing Arts & Events Community


Thanks to all those who attended the meeting at the Holiday Inn on Oct. 26.  We appreciate the feedback and input and will continue to update residents of any progress.  Below is a map that we said we'd post that shows the project concepts on the "lower" golf holes, meaning the area below and around the former clubhouse, which is indicated here as the Event Center. 

Randi and I are disappointed to announce that we were unsuccessful in re-negotiating an extension of the purchase agreement with IPC D’Andrea to acquire the former golf course and clubhouse property.  Prior to the DCA Board meeting in late April, IPC D’Andrea had promised to us that they would agree to an extension of the purchase contract and would also clear the fire debris of the former clubhouse, if the DCA Board approved moving forward with D’Andrea Rising’s proposed project.  IPC D’Andrea also made the same promise to the City of Sparks about removing the fire debris.  Sadly, neither of these occurred.

So IPC D’Andrea left D’Andrea Rising with no option but to re-negotiate the purchase contract.  As we mentioned in a post on our Facebook page in late June, we were early in the process of working to re-negotiate that purchase contract with IPC D’Andrea. 

About that same time, we had received IPC D’Andrea’s initial proposal for the revised purchase contract.  Not only did they unexpectedly increase the purchase price substantially, they also proposed certain contract terms that we be believed to be extremely onerous and ones that would put D’Andrea Rising and the project at substantial financial risk.

Since late June, we’ve been actively engaged and working in good faith to come to mutually agreeable contract terms with IPC D’Andrea.  D’Andrea Rising agreed to the price increase and some of the other terms IPC D’Andrea was proposing.  It’s only fair to note that IPC D’Andrea agreed to eliminate and change some of their original proposed terms. But this wasn’t enough to get a revised contract in place. 

We wanted specific guaranties and assurances that IPC D’Andrea would provide D’Andrea Rising with free and clear title prior to closing.  The main reasons behind this was to: 1) protect D’Andrea Rising’s continuing investment in the property (handbook amendment & tentative tract map process); and 2) provide assurances to the DCA homeowner association/ homeowners that the sale of the property would be completed before the handbook would be amended and approved by the City of Sparks.  (This was a major concern that was raised in our discussions with the DCA Board, the handbook amendment committee, and by many homeowners during our meetings last year).

Obviously we are frustrated and disappointed that we’ve been unable to reach an agreement with IPC D’Andrea, but we are keeping the door open with them in the hopes that we may be able to reach some agreement in the near future.  Unfortunately we do not have any insight into, nor can we say what other plans IPC D’Andrea may be pursuing with regards to the sale of the property at this point.

And it goes without saying, we sincerely appreciate all the efforts and time that the DCA Board and DCA Handbook Amendment Committee put in to advance the project as far as we have.  It’s been a true pleasure working with all of them, as well as the many homeowners that have supported our efforts. 

We will do our best to keep you posted
here on Facebook and our website, www.Dandrea-Rising.com, should anything arise.