D'Andrea Rising

Restoring D’Andrea to a Vibrant Golf Community and

creating a Premiere Regional Performing Arts & Events Community

For several years now, as residents of D’Andrea are painfully aware, the community of D’Andrea has been without its golf course.  About a year ago, we (Randi Thompson and Steve Trollope) were hired by the current owners of the property to assist them in evaluating redevelopment options for the former golf course and clubhouse.

After the fire destroyed the clubhouse last October, the project stalled while the owners (and we) regrouped to determine how best to move forward.  With no insurance coverage on the facility, the project became substantially more expensive, and quite frankly, the current owners seemed to lose interest in redeveloping the property.

We had invested a significant amount of time and effort over the past year on the project, listening and talking to numerous home owners in the D'Andrea community about what they would like to see happen here.   As a result, we developed a vision that D’Andrea could be restored to being the great golf community it once was, complemented with an outstanding performing arts & events center.  We so strongly believed in the project, we decided to establish D’Andrea Rising and made an offer to purchase the property.  A purchase agreement for the property is now being finalized.

Over the past year, we have received a lot of great input and ideas from homeowners in the area.  We’ve also met with golf course experts, city and county officials, economic development leaders, engineers, winery owners and experts and a host of other professionals to flesh out various concepts for the project.

We will be the first to tell anyone that while we are not developers nor winery experts (although we do like wine!), we are local entrepreneurs who have managed a variety of businesses and large projects.  To that extent, we recognize it is going to take a strong team to tackle a project of this magnitude.  Thus, we are assembling a group of experienced professionals, each with their own specialized expertise for the various development and operational aspects of the project to ensure its long-term success.

Most importantly, we want to emphasize that we’re long-time residents of the Reno-Sparks area and we truly want this project to be a lasting benefit to the D’Andrea community and the entire region.  Our vision embraces project concepts that are intended to have a positive impact on D’Andrea home values, while also creating an exciting place where people will want to come and play… as well as live.

Our primary goal is to develop an economically-viable and sustainable long-term solution for the D’Andrea community.  So you will be hearing much more about the project in the next few months, as it still is a “work in progress”.   We will do our very best to address your concerns and questions as we move forward, and to also keep you informed as we plan for this to be a very open and transparent process.


 Steve Trollope and Randi Thompson

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